Ability to select only a few of the background images

I love the fact we can display photos from the community in new tabs.

However, some of the new ones are truly awful, like no offense to the photographers but especially on a widescreen monitor some of the over-edited seaweed images just look absolutely disgusting.

BUT some are stunning, such as the photo of the building by Coline Beulin, and I’d love to see these kind of images every day.

Therefore, can you please allow us to make our own selection, of just a handful or even just one, from Brave’s selection of photos. So that we can hide ones we never want to see.

I know other people have in the past have suggested allowing us to upload or retrieve our own images from a local folder, and I’d love this too, but for now please let us choose between the default selection.

Thank you!

as of now the only way to change images is by refreshing New Tab or closing Brave Browser and in that also we don’t get surety that the next image will be good It can be good or even in certain cases worse than previous images so this is a must required feature.

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