Discord logging out automatically

Discord is logging out automatically.


When are you being logged out?
Are you clearing cookies on exit?

No, I’m not. Again it’s logging out after an hour or more. I just go logged out after closing the tab.

That’s interesting. Please, log in again → click on the Brave Shields icon in the address bar → click on Advanced View (if it isn’t in Advanced View already) → take a screenshot.

I just completely closed the browser & re-opened the browser. It’s working completely fine now.

Are you accessing that profile from a different Brave user profile?

I am logged out again. But after completely close my browser & reopened it then it’s logging in automatically.

That’s a weird issue. Are you using any extensions that could be impacting Discord in such a way?

I would try the following, just to make sure the issue isn’t related to browsing data:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click on the padlock icon in the address bar.
  3. Site settingsClear data.
  4. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData via the address bar.
  5. Time rangeAll time.
  6. Cached images and filesClear data.

I followed the above steps. But clearing the site date should log me out, right? It’s not logging out.

Step 3 is supposed to clear cookies, I can’t tell why Discord is not logging you out after clearing cookies. If, for some reason, the method above doesn’t clear cookies reliably, it might be needed to clear cookies via brave://settings/clearBrowserData but that deletes cookies from all websites.

Are you using any extensions that could be impacting Discord in such a way? Your issue is quite weird - logging out and then logging in automatically.

No, there is no extension that I can take on the eye to.

Been having the same problem for 2 days. If I close the whole browser and open it, discord loads perfectly without even asking password. I can open and close it for a few mins then it breaks again and ask password everytime it loads discord. Closing and opening browser always works, but is a temporary fix and it gets boring having to do this everytime it breaks.

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you have bad internet service or you need more ram memory (or both). It is possible that brave search is using more resources on your pc and that is because Discord has an unstable connection. On the subject of discord password, it is only a security protocol that they have because their pc connects and disconnects all time :thinking:

I have been facing the same issue.

And it started after the update.
If I just close the tab and reopen it, its getting me logged out. The same thing is happening with this website too: wallet.uphold.com/

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Accept my comment as a guess, but it sounds like your issue is related to a regression issue with cookies that was reported by @fanboynz after the latest update. Developers fixed the issue, and the fix will be part of the upcoming release.

Although there is no announced date, I expect the release to happen later today, you can track that over here:

Aight thanks dude.
I did think its a cookie issue since we get logged out when we delete cookies, but my cookie settings was all perfect so I got confused.
This explains all of it.

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Update: It got fixed without any updates :slight_smile:


We have a reply from a developer.

It looks like something is going on with localStorage after some time. I’m trying to reproduce this locally, but haven’t got any result yet. It doesn’t look like it’s cookie related.
The change that touched localStorage and possibly the culprit is this: brave/brave-core#9402

If you could provide steps to reproduce the issue, I’ll forward the reply so developers can look into the issue as soon as possible.

I read that the issue is gone for you for now, but were there any steps to easily reproduce the issue?

I have this exact same problem. Don’t know how to reliably reproduce it, it happens randomly.

But it usually goes like this:

  1. Open Brave browser, go to discord.com and login.
  2. Use discord or just let the discord tab open for awhile.
  3. Close the discord tab, then try to open discord again.
  4. If you’re still logged in, repeat steps 2-3
  5. When you’re finally logged out, try to login again then close the tab.

After this, it will ask you for password every time you open discord. The only way to fix it is to restart the browser. After restart, discord will open just fine without asking for password.

Brave 1.29.76 Chromium: 93.0.4577.58 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19042.1165)

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Hmm, I have a news.

Its back to the way it was. Getting logged off right after I close the tab.
I will send you the video regarding this in PMs.

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