Logsout when tab is closed instead of window

Description of the issue: Logsout any page if tab is closed.

After the latest update if I close any tab it just logs me out of it.
Ex: If I login to stackoverflow, fb, gmail etc and closes the tab it logs me out of it, though I did not logout myself. The feature should work if I close the browser(clear cookies on exit) but it is performing clear(cookies) after a tab is closed(if it has login system)

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.37.116

Same here, rather frustrating actually. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Yes. It looks like the same issue as:


Try going to settings: Privacy & Security >> Cookies and Other Site Data >> Clear Cookies & Site Data and turn this setting off.

Reload Brave

Go back to setting: Privacy & Security >> Cookies and Other Site Data >>Clear browsing data>> on exit >> and select cookies and other site data.

Closing the tab should not now clear the cookies (Well it didn’t for me!) but reloading Brave did.

Executed as mentioned with no luck.

I don’t know what happened, the issue is auto fixed after couple of days.

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