Disconnecting Gemini without losing BAT

@Saoiray How do I make it so that I don’t lose all my rewards that are sitting in my Brave wallet?
I want to disconnect my wallet from Gemini as well but don’t want to lose what I have accumulated in Brave.

@Frenchi what do you mean? Keep in mind Brave Wallet is different than Rewards, Gemini, or Uphold. So I can get a big confused when people say “Brave wallet.”

If you’ve been connected to Gemini and been receiving payouts, then all that BAT would be on your Gemini account. So even if you reset Rewards or whatever, your BAT in Gemini wouldn’t be going anywhere.

And where there used to be a button to disconnect from custodial wallets, that doesn’t exist anymore. Instead you have to reset rewards, which you do from the Brave Rewards area. Brave RewardsReset. The only thing being lost when people reset Rewards are people who were not connected to Uphold or Gemini and had not been receiving payouts there, but instead had been getting vBAT to their browser.

You can transfer your funds from Gemini to a self-custody wallet or to another exchange. Or you can sell them and cash out.

After that, do as mentioned above, reset the Brave rewards. But be aware that, once your rewards profile is reset, it is shown as unverified. With the new upcoming changes, unverified profiles will not get rewards.

@rodrige Thanks for the reply. Funds are locked in Gemini because they are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings and that’s fine, I just don’t want to send any of my future rewards there.
How do I become verified if I can’t use Gemini? Can I just use Brave wallet and be verified or do I need to use a 3rd party exchange platform like Uphold?

Your only option at the moment is Uphold :face_with_spiral_eyes:
There are rumours that Brave is in negotiations to bring other alternatives. But no one knows when.

No, only if the BATs are being staked. Gemini is not undergoing bankruptcy.

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