Disable/delete brave wallet

Hi guys . hope you all well . I unfortunately lost all my Bats . I thought i had backed things up but obviously not . How do i get rid off my wallet all together . it is pointless keeping something I will never use again , in fact I don’t like the idea of there being a wallet out there in my name . Thanks

They don’t have a name for your wallet most likely. To disable brave rewards enter brave://rewards/ in the search bar and turn off Brave private ads .
If you mean for Brave Wallet, which is something different altogether, enter brave://settings/wallet in the search bar and reset the Brave Wallet. Do note, that if you have any funds in it, they’ll be lost.

thanks . will do that now . im wondering if its not the gemini wallet that i got

I don’t understand. Could you be more specific?

If you mean what happens to BATs already in Gemini, then they’ll stay safe. Resetting Brave Rewards wallet shouldn’t make you lose BATs in Gemini. @rodrige @Aman_M please confirm. Thanks!

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sorry not to worry but i basically didn’t open a brave wallet by the looks of it but rather the gemini one

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If you signed an account in Gemini you should know it, since you have to verify yourself with a KYC system… otherwise your unverified brave rewards profile is just an alphanumeric string wallet, your name doesn’t mentioned anywhere.
edit: you can always recover your Gemini account, but unverified vBATs are lost for good.

my BATS are gone . anyway i did manage to close my Gemini wallet . thanks

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