Can't unlink brave and uphold

Hi, I’m having a problem. During the early morning I received a message from Uphold telling me that they could no longer provide me with an account momentarily without giving me a reason, and my cell phone and brave accounts were automatically closed.
Brave tells me naturally that the Uphold account has been closed but does not give me the option to switch to Gemini.
Could someone help me with this? Maybe it’s me who is not finding it

@Mattsick Brave got rid of the Disconnect button because it still didn’t do anything on the back end. That issue aside, since nobody can earn vBAT anymore, there’s no more BAT stored within the browser.

In order to switch, you have to Reset your Rewards. This will erase any Estimated Earnings you may have had from ads up until the point you reset it, but that’s just about how it goes. In order to reset, just go to Brave Rewards and you’ll see the Reset button toward the top.

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