Any chance that Brave Rewards can connect to my Brave Wallet for monthly credit of BAT?

I do not want to use Uphold or Gemini anymore for verification. Any ad revenue in BAT I have earned needs to go to my Brave Wallet regardless of what happens. Is it still possible today? The reason why is that Uphold and Gemini support are changing things a lot, including anyone who earned crypto there are to submit and file taxes. Also a lot of people from certain countries cannot use Brave Rewards anymore due to those major changes.

In order to comply with current financial regulations (such as FinCEN and OFAC requirements, or equivalent regulators outside the United States), payouts at this time must first go through a regulated custodian. Once you receive BAT into your custodial account, though, you can always then withdraw it on-chain to your Brave Wallet.

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