Linking Brave From Uphold to Gemini

I have been using the Brave Browser for quite a while now, on my Windows Laptop. I have connected my Brave Rewards with a verified uphold account.

But, recently I came to know that Gemini doesn’t take any withdrawal fees.

So, can I simply disconnect my uphold wallet from my brave browser and connect with my Gemini Wallet? As a result, will this month’s Brave Earnings come to my Gemini Wallet?

Is this possible ?? Or do I have to reinstall Brave and start from scratch with a new Browser and Gemini Wallet ??

Please reply. Thank you

@jalishbuk Yes, they say if you disconnect your wallet from Brave Rewards and then Log In to Gemini, it will start using Gemini instead.

@Saoiray Ohh, ok. Thanks a lot for the info. :grin:

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