Disappering pending BATs / new tab page first shows correct amount then drops down

As I already mentioned in this Thread:

I still have this problem with disappearing pending BATs. Now I detected another “feature” related to this topic. If I open a new tab then during the loading of the new tab page the in my opinion correct amount of monthly rewards is shown for a few seconds:


then it switches back to the incomprehensibly reduced amount:


So actual there are obviously still 14.335 BAT missing in a crazy floating state. And as I not changed my browsing behavior the estimated 21.405 would be in the same range as the month before the reward bugs began… the 7 BATs are only a small fraction of this. So please fix that bug… and if possible please so that no pending rewards are lost.

6 days w/o response & October payout is processing now so it seems that the missing BATs are lost again. :frowning:

@steeven: I sent you a DM with my details. I know that you receive a ton of mails but could you please take a look at this problem if you find time to? I would like to understand why the BATs disappeared, but obviously not completely as they at least continue to appear partially in that crazy New Tab bug effect.

Hi @Chezar, thanks for reporting. The last DM I’m seeing from you in in April. i’ve just sent your a message. Please send your info there. Thank you!

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