3 BAT disappearing suddenly from Brave Rewards

Today(28, May, 2021), I had 5.513 BAT in the morning when I woke up. I have been trying to complete the initial 25 BAT requirement to withdraw all the BAT I have. Suddenly when I was working and opened a new tab I noticed I had only 2.513 BAT in my Estimated Pending Rewards.
I have already checked the Total Brave Rewards and added up all the previous BAT and concluded that the 3 BAT disappeared in thin air for reasons I don’t know. I would appreciate Brave Customer Care addressing this issue and fixing it ASAP. Thanks.

Yeah I too have encountered the same problem

Can you confirm that BATs decreased from your Brave Rewards Wallet and not from Estimated Pending Rewards?

No, the BATs have decreased from the estimated pending rewards, not from Rewards Wallet.

This can be your issue-

Yes, apparently I think I have experienced this last month. I had claimed my rewards late as I was out of town but the BATs had not decreased and thought it was last months BATs. Thanks for helping!

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