Estimated dropped wiping out most of this months earnings

Has the title says, my estimated has dropped wiping out most of my earnings for this month on all 3 browsers. Whats going on?


Me the same… yesterday I had around 28 BAT estimated earnings in my browser. Today there are only 3 BAT left. Even if I subtract the 14 BAT from the mid-month rewards there are around 11 BAT lost?! What’s the reason for this?


Thought the mid month payment was because of the lack of ads showing to people in August. I did have an issue with the estimated not resetting, but mine did after they did the fix for that. From the rewards system, I’ve had 209 ads this month for a total of 5.765 Bat on 1 browser 260 ads for 6.835 on another and 228 for 5.590 on the 3rd.

It’s bad enough not getting rewarded for the sponsored ads, I know this cos I always get the estimated value on payout day. Plus there is no way of knowing how many you have seen. I’m still waiting to take back control.

I know that the estimated rewards this month have nothing to do with the mid month payment as a fix for the issues in August. But even if I would assume that it’s correlated to this there is a massive lack of estimated rewards I cannot retrace.

But I think there is maybe another bigger problem with the rewards system because I’m browsing today since around three hours with not any single Ad today. The last days I received plenty Ads during this time.

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Yep. But feel the control you have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face: :joy:

Sorry, should take it more seriously.

At least as much control as over the weather. :joy:

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I guess they wanted the mid month payment back with interest. They give with one hand and take away with the other.


I don’t mean to imply bad faith, but someone should look into this problem. For all of the reward problems over the past few months, I’ve lost around 40 estimated BAT so far. This is annoying and should be fixed.

@steeven @Mattches @Asad can you take a look at this please? This seems to be a new bug in the rewards system which decreases the amount of estimated rewards in a incomprehensible way.


This is getting beyond a joke. Ive been stripped of about 20-30 BAT every month since june. I get maybe 10 Bat payment couple of days ago for this mid monthy payment to resolve issues, then im stripped of my BAT again. What is the point of this. Interesting that theres rumours going round that the Brave project will be cut end of September. @steeven can you shed any light or are you just going to send me another generic reply?

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I do not know if there is anything wrong with the rumours, but this sounds as if there are still plans for the future:

@Chezar dont you get the feeling tho that your viewing adds and generating BAT essentially for someone else. If im not getting all my BAT and you and hundreds if not thousands on here are having the same issue, wheres it going? And strangely enough ive had no adds for 2 days and as im typing i get an add. All very strange.

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@sneakybrit thoughts?

Like any centralised system, someone will be making money of you. The reward system is intentionally broke in my eyes. They’ve done nothing to improve the experience or to fix anything. It’s one problem after another. I’ve stopped writing about them in my blog and encouraging people to use the browser. Why advertise something that is broken.

Coming to the community forums for help should be a one off at most, it’s a regular experience I wouldn’t ask anyone to go through. Over the last 7 months I think I had one month off from having to come on here or reddit. The sponsored ads, who knows if you’re getting paid for them, no way of knowing, no record for you to see. They promote the browser has taking back control…It seems I have no control, limited ad history with price for the ad you received, I say this has I’ve noticed different prices for different ads. Alas, this will be asking to much has they can’t get the reward system they have to work.

To many thoughts you think?


I know what you mean. By the current accumulation of errors in the reward system and lost BATs, one might well assume that.

But then I think to myself that the creators don’t have to offer this feature and without it it would be a normal browser like all the others on the market. And since a lot of work has already been put into the browser, I can’t imagine that all of this was just to get a few BATs from us.

What I would also like, however, would be more transparency in order to get rid of precisely these allegations. And unfortunately we haven’t heard anything from the creators about that so far.

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Oh I’m not saying theyve done this to get a few BAT out of us. Yes it would be just another browser, the browser Ive had no problem with apart from the odd CPU spikes that I can handle for a while. Transparency is surely needed, but I wont be holding my breathe, we are talking about a corporation after all.

Had a few friends just give up on the browser because of the hassle you have with it, most people want stuff to work straight out of the box so to speak and they are not getting it from Brave.

@Chezar, @sneakybrit

Short answer:
We appreciate the feedback and we hear you.

Real answer:
If you’re unaware, a browser is a complex piece of software comprised of millions (1,000,000's) of lines of code and (especially when the code is open source, like ours) has likely been edited by 100s - 1000s of different people. For Brave, in addition to the browser, we built a new crypto currency, integrated it directly into the browser along with many additionally complicated features like:

  • Shields and other internal security measures to protect you while browsing
  • Integrated Tor functionality directly into browser window for enhanced privacy
  • Integrated webtorrent directly into the browser
  • Built-in Crypto wallet management
  • The ability to Tip Bat to individually verified creators, or setup a recurring payment for creators, or tip an individual personal users Reddit, Github, Twitter account

I could very easily create a much larger lists of features and effort the team has put into this browser. The idea that Brave put BAT out into the world – that is, did everything just listed and much more – disseminated it to millions of users just to take it back a couple dollars at a time is lost on me. It doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. Or from any standpoint, really.

It is complicated and bugs/issues happen when you’re attempting to create something that hasn’t been done before – and we’re doing all of this while preserving everyone’s privacy/anonymity. We have gone far out of our way to rectify issues that cause users to lose their rightfully earned funds while simultaneously navigating around the constant barrage of fraudulent activity.

We appreciate you and everyone else using our browser and practicing patience as our team grows, learns and pushes new and exciting things into the world. Trust me when I say we see the complaints, the feedback and the desire for this browser to reach its true potential. The truth is, we will only get there with users like you who stick with us even when things are broken and/or difficult. Giving us feedback (positive or negative), reporting bugs/issues, filing feature requests, testing our Beta build – all of this adds up.

Thank you for your support and patience. @Chezar @sneakybrit – can you please send me a DM with your wallet PID (in plaintext please) so that we can add you to the list of users known to be experiencing this issue?


Many thank you for your words and the detailed explanations. I have sent you a DM with the details.

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Did i miss something. Was i not part of this conversation. Ive tried to reach out for support on numerous occasions and seem to get blanked, or only get stock answers. Is there anyway for someone to look at the issues i am regularly having?

Not at all. Agree with all that youve said. Find it odd that i was left out of the reply from @Mattches tho.

DM’d the wallet PID’s to you.


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