Bat tokens are being disappear

Yesterday I had around 4 bat tokens & now it’s showing 2.265 !! Why it’s happening all of sudden around 1.700 bats have been disappeared from my account … Please resolve this issue asap !!

email id :

Maybe this? Heads up: Estimated pending rewards counter fix

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As the rewards are calculated based on the previous month !. there will be a reduction in the previous month’s payout. As the no of ads received is matched with the rewards token this won’t be an issue!.

If the issue is repeating again please reply with the screenshot.
Also if this is a genuine issue it will be solved in the next update!

Thanks for ur feedback !

Same thing happened to me. My balance has been reset from almost 8 BAT to 3.5 BAT a couple of days ago. Have not received any credit in my wallet. Not related to “5th of month” problem. This was the second time. If I don´t receive those BAT I´ll be changing to Chrome or Firefox again

@Himgoo just check whether your auto-contribution is turned on. If it is then you might unknowingly give away your BAT to creators or sites you regularly visit.

I never clicked on auto contributions,
By the way I was not :sweat_smile: complaining, just tried to answer above questions, My BATs are definitely correct.

Oh Okay my bad :sweat_smile::joy: I guess I tagged you instead of that person who asked.

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