Disabling "autoplay" for a site makes all videos unplayable (even when clicked on)

Description of the issue:
When “autoplay” is disabled for a site it is impossible to play any videos on the site - even when clicked on.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave on Desktop or Android.
  2. Navigate to www.wsj.com.
  3. Click “lock” icon in the address bar and disable autoplay for the site.
  4. Attempt to click on (and play) any video on the home page, or by clicking on an article, or in the “Videos” section by clicking the three parallel lines at top-left, then clicking “Videos.”
  5. No matter how many times you click on the video (which has a play sign) the video never plays.

Expected result:
Autoplay should be disabled (i.e., videos don’t automatically play). But I should be able to selectively play the videos by clicking on them.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Desktop: 1.57.47
Android with Google Pixel 7 Pro on Android 13: 1.56.20

Additional Information:
This issue occurs on both desktop and mobile. If autoplay is disabled globally (i.e., for all sites) the same behavior occurs. If autoplay is enabled globally, but disabled for a particular site, the same behavior occurs for that site.

I don’t want autoplay (i.e., wasted bandwidth, sound, video) on websites. But I DO want to be able to selectively play videos by clicking on them and opting in to them playing. That’s how I understand autoplay should work.

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Yes. And, apparently related:
Recent updates removed the auto play icon in the address bar. That icon made it easy to enable auto play for a particular site.

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Do the Devs need any additional information to help address this issue?

Also - completely agree removal of the site-by-site control of autoplay (after clicking the lock icon in the address bar) is disappointing. That was helpful. E.g., disabling autoplay globally, but allowing for a few specific trusted sites.

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