Stop sites video from autostarting/playing

I’m looking to stop Brave from autoplaying video on websites. CNN would be the first example. I have added CNN in the blocked section for autoplay in the shields section yet the videos for each new news article i open immediately start the video as well… Any help appreciated.

Hi @Bolts27, Welcome to Community!
While on CNN, can you go the left of the address bar and click on the lock icon:

Then go into site settings, scroll down till you see auto play - can you confirm if it says blocked or allow?

Thanks for the quick response! After checking what you asked, clicking on the lock does and going to the autoplay section, it is showing as blocked. but every article opened the video’s continue to autoplay :cry:. Hopefully you have another suggestion!


Can you try creating a new test profile and then following the same flow as above and set autoplay to block - does that work?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.

Hey Aa-ron. Thank you again for the timely response. Unfortunately I’ve uninstalled Brave for now. The speed and interface of the browser were inviting, but there were a few privacy, integration and, operational glitches I’ve encountered that made me a little nervous to continue. I definitely will re-approach again in the future…

Kindest Regards,