Disable "To get future Brave updates, you'll need Windows-10 or later" message

@dc02115 What OS are you using?

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Windows-7 pro for the OS and to the “what gives”; good question. When I fire up Brave from start I get a banner across the top that reads " To get Brave updates, you’ll need Windows 10 or later. This computer is using Windows 7". I simply want to disable the message. Also, get the banner msg for each site that is visited. So far I have not found a way to stop this message from coming up every time I start up Brave. Already researched the message and looked in Brave settings to disable it but to no avail. Thanks for your replies. Am currently on V 1.47.99

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Still Win 7 another |Brave update no problem no message.

What am I doing right?

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Lmao, that’s the question. I have no idea why it might be coming up. This one is probably going to have to be managed by @Mattches unless someone like @CerealLover has any ideas.

I mean, I know Windows 8 is stopping support in January. Microsoft already stopped Windows 7 support a couple years ago. To my knowledge, Brave also stops official support when Microsoft does, or thereabouts.

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Stopping support doesn’t mean necessarily software updates stop, only that if it turns out to be incompatible, you’re out of luck.

There hasn’t been any enforced obsolescence, only that they don’t regression test for your OS and if something breaks it’s on you.

I even still get updates from Microsoft, just not things like service packs.

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Screenshot 11_26_2022 19_19_08

FAQ about the end of support for Windows 7 _ Microsoft Learn - Brave 11_26_2022 19_17_57

So on that, is what I’m saying. No tech support and no security updates. It’s just “dead in the water,” or should be.

That said, you may have qualified for their Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU). That only goes for maximum of 3 years, meaning you’re about to lose it.

Yeah, all depends on the people making it. There are sometimes big enough differences that the software won’t work anymore.

And as to Brave dropping support of Windows 8, I’m still not even sure how that will work. But, you can see a recent topic where someone asked:

And Mattches responded with:

Take that part aside, in terms of Windows 7 support, I’ll leave you with this Reddit which I’ll primarily screenshot below:

You are right though, I’m not quite sure what the whole notification OP is talking about though.

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OK now I’m getting it with the latest update.

I have no problem with this being the case, but is there some flag I can set or something just to turn it off from appearing every time I start the browser?

Now that I understand the OP, that is how I formulate the question.


I too am getting this nag message, it just started for me today. MAKE IT STOP!!!

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This is where I wish I was better. I’m not sure if it would be @CerealLover, @chh_68, or one of the others that might know exactly what to do. I’m wanting to say would be something within Brave folders to delete or in registry where it wouldn’t do it. But like heck I’d be able to tell you.

Guess can tag @Mattches

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I just started getting this message today too. Running windows 8.1. Can’t get it to stop.

I’m dreading using windows 10 (or higher) because those operating systems are just big advertising engines. Windows 8.1 is pretty much just an operating system.

The whole online experience nowadays is one of just being continually pummeled with ads, nags, and interruptions. I guess I could try linux again, or maybe read books and go outside more instead of spending so much time online.

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All browser (including chome and firefox, as far as I know) will soon stop working on Windows 7 or be unable to update. It is not necessarily the fault of brave or windows but the ‘universe’ and that is why you will likely not get new updates.



Firefox (until 2023)

Edge (Until Jan 2023)

You guys are on security vulnerable old OS. To use all these browsers you will need to move to Windows 10 (or gentoo, linux). The only browser which might work on windows 7 is Palemoon.

Edit 1:-
Now if you still wish to use outdated brave on Windows 7 or 8.1 (outdated) you will need to make some changes in files to stop this notifications.
They can be done via this way https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27962454/disable-chrome-is-out-of-date-notification or other such ways.

Edit 2:-
This is the correct way to stop these notifications https://www.teddit.net/r/chrome/comments/z9ay1h/how_do_i_disable_the_to_get_future_google_chrome/


Google supported chrome for an extended period after microsoft ended support. I reluctantly left 7 when it lost any browser support. It seems that everyone is ending support for 8.1 much more quickly. I turned off updates for 8.1 long ago. I only installed the standalone patch for the spooler exploit. I’ve never had any security issues mostly because of my firewall and because I don’t do nutty stuff. I will probably keep my 8.1 system running as an offline machine. Then I’ll have to get up to speed about techniques to pare the spy/advertising stuff out of windows 10 in order to setup a new online machine. What a pain.

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Not going to upgrade an Operating System for a browser. Unless this message can be disabled, will be forced to get rid of Brave and go with another browser. Unfortunate, because I liked Brave. Windows 10 is an ad mecca.

Why you thinking of older OS? You have Windows 11 out now, you know? Plus, I had Windows 10 for ages and had no issues with ads. If you’re talking about their Suggestions and all, you can easily turn those off.

Should be because of security, performance, etc. All of those things improve with OS upgrades. Brave and other browsers won’t operate on older OS because there’s no way to operate without multiple security vulnerabilities, among other things.

so… cant we have the option to disable this message? once or twice notification should be enough but everytime i open the brave it is quite annoying…

@notYug It was linked by chh_68 above.

That said, it’s not easy. I’ll be trying to discuss it with people from Brave and see if they can’t simplify it, but likely won’t have that conversation until next week. You could always create a Github issue (please search to make sure nobody else has made one before you do it) at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues

I’m just too lazy to search it and then fill out the form right now. Key thing is if you go that far, make sure you take your time to search. They hate getting duplicates of issues.

well yeah… its not easy… but shouldn’t the devs already make a “disable message for xx days” or something similar inside the settings or at least made a toggle on hamburger menu?

i might just install a different browser at this point if ill have to go thru on that hard to do process :v:

Yeah, I told you I’ll bring it up to them. Heck, we’ll even tag @Mattches here to see if he could be so kind as to pass on the idea to the appropriate team. Though, not sure how much can be done as a lot of it is more upstream from Chromium and all. It’s a big point to drive home that using outdated OS is preventing from having the most updated and secure content. Plus browser support pretty much being dropped. But still would hope a toggle for it could be done.

What just happened to developers they cannot remove a simple warning?
I was a developer too and I was doing reverse engineering (I hope they know what it means) to create injections to change the way how applications work, but here people have got Source Code and even then having trouble with stopping a message to appear?
Sorry, but that kind of idiocy must be some sci-fi dream.

Yes, I was expecting, like with win 7, win 8.1 users would get a leeway of at least 2 years+ to switch over, but seems it is not the case. Well I haven’t received any update msg from Brave (using 8.1 right now)