Till when would Brave support Windows 8.1?

Since Brave withdrew support for Windows 7 as given in this post , Is there any solid date on which the support for Windows 8.1 is planned to expire with Brave?

I’m not quite sure. I’ll tag @Mattches and @sampson to see if either of them might have an answer. That’s if they even know themselves. I do know Windows is stopping support to Windows 8 on January 10, 2023 but I’m not sure if Brave wil continue support themselves past that or not. Kind of curious to see what they say.

Yes, kind of hope that a timeframe would be provided before they renounce support, since the claimed BAT would become useless as the wallet partners aren’t currently supporting my region.
Waiting for @Mattches and @sampson replies.

We will match other browsers with respect to this. I believe we will drop support on Jan. 2023 (will confirm exact date).

Ok. When can we expect Uphold to resume support for India?

You can reach out to Uphold support here: