Disable "To get future Brave updates, you'll need Windows-10 or later" message

How can I disable that message on a desktop PC?

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Never got such a message, I’m using Windows 7, and got the Nov 22 update just fine.

What gives?

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@dc02115 What OS are you using?

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Windows-7 pro for the OS and to the “what gives”; good question. When I fire up Brave from start I get a banner across the top that reads " To get Brave updates, you’ll need Windows 10 or later. This computer is using Windows 7". I simply want to disable the message. Also, get the banner msg for each site that is visited. So far I have not found a way to stop this message from coming up every time I start up Brave. Already researched the message and looked in Brave settings to disable it but to no avail. Thanks for your replies. Am currently on V 1.47.99

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Still Win 7 another |Brave update no problem no message.

What am I doing right?

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Lmao, that’s the question. I have no idea why it might be coming up. This one is probably going to have to be managed by @Mattches unless someone like @CerealLover has any ideas.

I mean, I know Windows 8 is stopping support in January. Microsoft already stopped Windows 7 support a couple years ago. To my knowledge, Brave also stops official support when Microsoft does, or thereabouts.

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Stopping support doesn’t mean necessarily software updates stop, only that if it turns out to be incompatible, you’re out of luck.

There hasn’t been any enforced obsolescence, only that they don’t regression test for your OS and if something breaks it’s on you.

I even still get updates from Microsoft, just not things like service packs.

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Screenshot 11_26_2022 19_19_08

FAQ about the end of support for Windows 7 _ Microsoft Learn - Brave 11_26_2022 19_17_57

So on that, is what I’m saying. No tech support and no security updates. It’s just “dead in the water,” or should be.

That said, you may have qualified for their Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU). That only goes for maximum of 3 years, meaning you’re about to lose it.

Yeah, all depends on the people making it. There are sometimes big enough differences that the software won’t work anymore.

And as to Brave dropping support of Windows 8, I’m still not even sure how that will work. But, you can see a recent topic where someone asked:

And Mattches responded with:

Take that part aside, in terms of Windows 7 support, I’ll leave you with this Reddit which I’ll primarily screenshot below:

You are right though, I’m not quite sure what the whole notification OP is talking about though.

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