Getting Rid of the Notice Up Top

I have Windows 7 and will probably keep 7. I’m not sure my 12 year old laptop could handle 10.
How do I permanently get rid of the notification about Brave’s sunsetting of 7? Right now I have to manually get rid of it every time I log on.

Hello @BNBliss, thank you for reaching us out. For more information please read:


I saw that, but I do not see where it describes a way to permanently get rid of the pop-up informing me about it, without switching.
I need to get rid of the pop-up announcement, for good.

@BNBliss Brave doesn’t have an option to disable it. I did bring it up to some of the “higher ups” on Community Call a bit ago and they said would discuss it with their Security team on whether it would be a good idea to add a toggle, if nothing else in brave://flags. Not sure when/if they’ll look into it. But right now, they want to make sure that everyone is aware of the security risk and that Brave will no longer be working for those devices

Well, the best way would be to actually use a version of Windows that will be supported and have recent security patches.

Otherwise, you will need to know how to go in, find it, and change things in your registry, if I remember right. If you use the search function and sort through topics on this site, you’ll see where lots of people talked about this and even shared ways to get rid of the notification. So if it’s important enough, would suggest you look for it. But officially, isn’t a way right now.

Thank you.
My laptop is 12 years old. Windows 7 was an upgrade. My fear is it just would not be able to handle Windows 10 well.
Take care.

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