Disability accessibility not available - larger tabs and menu icons

I have fine motor control problem in my hands due to rheumatoid arthritis. The tabs and menu icons are too small for my hands to click on reliably. How do I maek the m bigger? Making the fonts size bigger changs nothing in the tabs/menu.

EVERYONE that uses Brave with an eye problem or hand/arm problem needs this feature.

The lack of this option means there is no disability accessibility.
Why do you want to alienate those in the disability community???

Other browsers have this feature, where is it in Brave?
It’s what’s keeping me from using Brave as my default browser.

Just opened a new issue for UI scaling on Github:

Let’s hope they give enough attention to this.


From all of us with a disability - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Replying to this to keep it open.

Just ran across this in brave://about. No idea what it does exactly. Just posting information. The page does say they are turned off by default. Also posted some chromium accessibility documentation.



They’re turned off by default because not everyone needs them. So, some of these things are available but for some things they don’t even have it coded.

Ok, that means I’m uninstalling Brave and I’m going to tell as many people as possible to not use Brave until it has it’s accessibility figured out.

I thank you for this information.