Increase tab height

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

I’ve just changed from Firefox and got used to that tab height and the whole Brave UI in general feels a bit clumped.

Can I scale Brave’s UI or change the tab height?

Thanks in advance.

@igorrodriguez ,

Thanks for indicanting many other topics that really hadn’t any answers.

FYI Brave community already shows these when you are typing your problem.

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@igorrodriguez ,

Perhaps more worthy, but a long-delayed project:

And your new issue at GitHub:

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I’ve also bumped into this, thought that by now Brave would have a more appropriate (and simpler) solution.

Even so, thanks for your time, this is not a major issue that would make me go back to Firefox.

Going to mark this as the solution because that really seems to be the way to do it right now.

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Feature request that you might want to go vote for… Maybe if it gets enough attention they will move on that UI customization issue report at GitHub!

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Thank you. I’ll see if I can find where to vote.

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Voted. Right now in 2022 this type of feature is much more a “must have” than a “quality of life bonus”.


However, ignoring this is not the solution.

People with disabilities should have the ability to be able to use a browser that was created to be used. If it can’t be used by a certain percentage of people on the planet then why bother making it to begin with?
They are cutting into their own profits by not making the change.
If other browsers can make UI changes than Brave can as well.

It all comes down to ADA rulings in the United States.

Having used programming languages for decades (starting in the late 1970’s through HTML) I know how it is to make UI changes - this is not a hugely difficult thing to do.
Somebody, somewhere, just doesn’t want to take the time to do it.

If it means I have to take this situation to social media to get changes done, so be it.

Quite frankly, I should be able to use software that’s out there and made available to the public.
It means people with disabilities are being left out of what should be an inclusive piece of software.

It makes Brave look bad to alienate people.


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