Tabs and menu too small

I have fine motor control problem in my hands. The tabs and menu icons are too small to click on reliably. How do I maek the m bigger? Making the fonts bigger changs nothing in the tabs/menu.

EVERYONE that uses Brave with an eye problem or hand/arm problem needs this feature.

Other browsers have this feature, where is it in Brave???
It’s what’s keeping me from using Brave as my default browser.


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I’m a community member too. I couldn’t find any options to do this either. There is an open Brave GitHub issue report that I linked below that includes this as part of the whole “UI advanced customization” issue. Has been backlogged since 2018 though… there has been user comments added and recently too!

You might want to create a topic in Brave Feature Requests to add this as a feature. Here’s the pinned topic explaining the category About the Brave Feature Requests category. I searched the category and couldn’t find a topic that specifically requested this feature.

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Thank you, I will add it to the requests. I find this to be a discrimintory disability issue so hopefully, if worded correctly, it could escalate a fix.

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I definitely agree here! The desktop UI feels too cramped because the tabs and menu icons have less padding and are smaller than any other Chromium-based browser I’ve seen. It’s especially bad with pinned tabs.

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Please increase the pinned tab size. if I’m listening to music or on YouTube(where you have an option to mute the audio) , if I go to another tab and come back to pinned tab where music is playing, it will mute the audio instead of opening the tab.

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