Devices use separate wallets

I installed brave on 2 devices between when sync 1 went down and sync 2 was launched. I was able to verify my wallet on pc. My phone says I need 25bat to verify wallet.

I want to use the same wallet on both devices, but my phone doesn’t seem to give me that option, or any option since my phones wallet is still unverified. I don’t want two verified wallets though.

I set up sync 2 on both devices and set them to sync everything, but that didn’t change anything regarding the wallet.

ok, my friend you are misunderstanding something, the wallets are local to every device and can’t be synced, what your uphold account do when you verify your wallets is receive the bat that are paid from your verified wallets.

so even if you have x number of verified wallets (max 4 per uphold account, permanent) all your bat will end in the same place.

verifying a wallet will only save the bat already paid, if you reset/format or uninstall the browser in any of your devices the pending rewards for that device will be lost, without option for recovery so if you have the possibility to backup your files do it

I hope the info is understandable enough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ok, so wallets send bat to uphold when they are verified, but for some reason, phones have a barrier that laptops don’t? That’s helpful but that barrier to get verified is annoying, especially if I get a new phone.

yeah I’m suffering from that too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m also having a similar issue. I have two desktop computer and both of their local wallets are communicating with the same Uphold account but the mobile platform does not allow me to repeat this linking process. Are you saying that once there are 25 BAT in the local mobile wallet ill be able to verify it on its own and then link it to the central Uphold account at that point?

Yeah, that’s correct, don’t forget the limit of 4 wallets. It is permanent - that was imposed by uphold, why? I don’t know-

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Hi @IWelsh I posted about this issue a few days ago, and what @JohnDproof has said is correct. Support informed me of the same in my topic .

Thank you, @JohnDproof , I hadn’t read about Uphold’s four-limit device/ wallet till now… that’s pretty important to know. :grimacing:

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once you get 25 bat on your mobile you will be then able to verify your uphold wallet to your brave browser and only 4devices or wallets per uphold account

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how to change the 4 devices as necessary when changing PCs etc?

Hi @fiz from what I’ve gathered, you should have a (verified) wallet to move the funds to before switching devices - even before doing hard reinstalls or formatting. @JohnDproof could add more to this, I think, especially on the topic of potentially removing/ adding devices.

Edit: just found this posted by Support that further illustrates the importance of having a verified wallet:

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The lifetime limit of four devices per wallet is set by Uphold, not by Brave, and Brave can’t change it.


So @rosiecar what does that mean when we switch/ upgrade our devices? Is Uphold known for working with its users to make that transition or…?

@saereV It makes absolutely no sense to me that Uphold sets that limit and makes it a LIFETIME limit. It seems to me that they could allow people to transfer an account from one device to another, disabling it on the first device, but apparently that’s not the way they do it. If you upgrade your phone three times (linking each of them to your Uphold wallet), you have used up your lifetime limit of four devices. And as far as I know, Uphold is NOT willing to change that.

The good news is that in a few months, we will be able to link our Brave Rewards to a Gemini account, instead, which I understand is better anyway, not least of which is because of lower fees.


does it mean that I can have upto 4 devices connected to 4 devices at a time?

Also, how is this device wallet different to the Crypto Wallets thats built into Brave browser?

How does the BAT earning and wallet transferring etc happening without anything leaving the PC? What information gets sent out to where - is the information available?

Only four wallets/ devices, @fiz.

As for the Brave wallet, I have to let someone else answer that. I set mine up but haven’t done anything with it yet.

I think you must mean specifically about BAT, but I’ll leave my original link discussing hardware versus hot wallets for anyone who wants to know more about this:

Edit: eliminated double posting and to add the correct link

For each profile/device on which you use Brave and have Brave Rewards enabled, you have a “crypto wallet” that collects BAT. However, that BAT exists ONLY on that device. It’s not on any server anywhere, and there’s no way to back it up. If you have to reformat the device, you lose any accumulated BAT from that device. The only way you can use BAT directly from your BAT wallet is to tip content creators (Web sites) that have been verified by Brave and are able to accept BAT donations.

Once a device accumulates 25 BAT, you have the opportunity to transfer it to an Uphold wallet (PROVIDED you haven’t already linked four devices to the Uphold wallet). Transferring your BAT to an Uphold wallet is the ONLY way you can use it as “money” for other purposes and for other vendors. It’s also the only way to preserve your accumulated BAT if you change to a different device. However, as previously mentioned, Uphold wallets are limited to 4 linked devices. Period. If you change devices, you have still used up one of your four lifetime links and cannot regain it. In addition, I understand that Uphold charges exorbitant fees when you transfer from your Uphold wallet to another crypto system (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

In a few months, we will be able to use Gemini wallets instead of Uphold wallets to transfer our BAT to. I understand that there will not be a 4-device limit, a 25-BAT minimum to set up the Gemini wallet, and that Gemini’s fees are MUCH more reasonable than Uphold’s.

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This is what Uphold replied:

“At this moment you can have a maximum of 3 browsers per account, features and limitations are something that you will need to contact Brave support for. If you think of upgrading pc, just logoff from the browsers and then login in your new device.”

Gemini will be good. Do you know the timeframes? Is this information published in Brave websites/blogs? Should I disconnect from Uphold for now so credits go directly to Gemini.

interesting, will have to test it but I only have an uphold account -with 1 “slot” free- and I’m not willing to risk it :grimacing: