Verify wallet on second device

Hello, sorry if this question has come up before.
I have started using Brave on my Windows since last month - I love it.

I have verified my uphold wallet and recieved my first BAT rewards for april.
Now I started using Brave on my android phone. I have read that it is not possible to merge two wallets into one but that you can rather sign in to the same uphold-account from different devices.

When I try that I get the info that I need 25 BAT on my mobile brave app before I can verify my wallet.

Is that still true even if I already have a verified uphold wallet (on my windows)?
Is there a way that I can sign in to my existing wallet, so that I recieve BAT from my windows and my android Brave Browser into the same uphold wallet?
If no, do I really need to wait until I accumulate 25 BAT and sign in with a new account at uphold? I ask that since it seems like it takes a lot of time until 25 BAT are accumulated.

Brave Version 1.22.71

You don’t need a new Uphold account. 1 Uphold account can be linked to up to 4 browser wallet.

And yes, you’ll need to wait until you’ve 25 BAT accumulated on your Android wallet before the verify button (to connect Uphold account) clickable. That’s the current requirement.

This is a problem for us all. Android/Phone BAT is basically useless until you have min 25 (which I don’t either have yet), or you can donate BAT to BAT registered websites directly from the browsers. 99% of websites are not registered, so thats not a practical use.
The entire problem with BAT is the use of the Uphold wallet.
I understand that there are future plans for a native Brave BAT wallet in Brave 2.

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