Sync BAT wallet

Hello, I am using the Brave browser on multiple machines and would like to use the same BAT wallet on all these machines, so that I can handle all Brave Rewards in one place. Is there any way to “sync” my wallet across mutliple machines running Brave?

If not, how is one supposed to manage all those differnet wallets?

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@Matze, Welcome to Community!
There is a “way” to sync. You have to connect your wallets to a verified Uphold account. But there is only 4 slots to connect 4 wallets. Once a wallet has been connected a “slot” will be used.

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Thanks for your reply, @Aa-ron.
Is there a documentation on how to connect a valled to a verified Uphold account?

Here is an article talking about verifying your wallet:

Please note that you’ll need 25 BAT in your wallet before you can connect with Uphold.

Hello @Matze

check this

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Thanks for all your replies!

Dear Brave Help Center i have also similar problem of Synchronizing multiple devices . i have a verified uphold account on my laptop but i cant verify my wallet on my smart phone even though my devices synchronized on brave browser. If it so what is the use synchronizing multiple devices.

Hi @Shimelis, Welcome to Community!
Can you elaborate a bit?
Is your android connected to Uphold? Or is it not allowing you to connect?

My Labtop brave browser has already connected to a verified uphold account but i use also brave browser on my android phone which is already synchronized with the brave browser on my laptop. My problem is whenever i tried to verify my uphold wallet on my android phone it says ‘you need 25 BAT to verify’ since its already verified on laptop why should i should verify ??

Sorry for the inconvenience, as it says, you need 25 BAT before you can connect your mobile device to Uphold.

Does this mean that every time I change my phone or format my PC or something like that I’ll have to wait months untill I get 25 more BAT before I can sync my wallet again?


Does this also mean that I have to earn 25 BAT on each device separately to be able to claim my rewards?

Well that rquirement is going to change to 15 bat… but yes, you’ll have to accrue bat before being allowed to verify… There is in the works also that if you already have an uphold account that the verifications of your devices can use that total to verify against… but that is aways out… Also, sync doesn’t sync brave rewards… there was talks about making that happen a while ago, but no idea if anything’s really been done with that one…