Desktop sync error: “Couldn’t contact Sync servers”

Exactly same issue as described here: Desktop sync error: "Couldn't contact Sync servers"

Since the thread was closed, I’m just referencing

does anyone have any idea how to fix this ?

@tsa This error will be displayed usually when there is no internect connection or network issue. Did you check internet when you got this error ?

Can you please provide the additional information like on which platfrom and brave version are you seeing this issue?. Can you please fill out the template which would help us to assist.


Hi there! I posted this using Brave right after the error, so I’m pretty sure the internet works fine :wink:

I just downloaded it, so whatever the latest version for Windows 10 is

cc: @Alexey for further assistance, apart from n/w issue are there any other reasons for this error?

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