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Brave Ads (Dev preview) We continue to receive excellent feedback from users within the community who are testing the Brave Ads Developer Preview from our Brave Dev Channel. Based on this feedback, there are a few points we’d like to remind the community of in order to best collect your feedback, and to ensure reported issues are captured and properly placed in queue. Feedback
Dev Builds Only - If a site isn't working nicely for you make a comment with the address - web compatibility megathread ( 2 ) [Developer Builds] (30)

If you’re noticing an issue with a site out of the box, please first search if it’s already been added. If it has, just ‘like’ the post to upvote it. If the site you want to report isn’t in the comments yet, leave a com…

Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview Feedback Thread [Developer Builds] (3)

The purpose of this thread is to collect feedback, bugs, “love to have”, “need to have” items specifically related to the Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview. Would love to see your feedback in this thread. Feedback pos…

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