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Broken Extensions <strong>We’re just as excited as you about extension compatibility in Brave! While we fine tune the way extensions and Brave interact there are bound to be some that behave badly or break all together. We’d like to get these fixed for you!</strong> Post buggy or broken extensions here and please stick to this format: Feedback Use this category to provide general feedback about Brave Beta. Do you like the new look? Is navigating the Settings intuitive or too complicated? What have we improved on the most in Brave Beta and what still needs attention? Support <strong>Use this category for posting support requests and reporting bugs you encounter using Brave Beta. Remember that this is still a work in progress and issues, while hopefully minimal, are to be expected.</strong> ads-browser This is the place to discuss work on ads.
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Hello everyone! We at Brave would like to take a moment to address some concerns surrounding Brave and its shift to a Chromium based framework. After making that announcement we started seeing more and more questions f…

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