Desktop notifications not working (ads notifications working fine though)

well that sucks I guess

Might sound weird, but could you try in a new profile / private window?

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Didn’t work but thank you for your trying to help :grimacing:

@Mattches @steeven could you please look into this.

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I will keep bumping this I get more answers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If push notifications are working in Chrome and other browsers they should be working in Brave. I do not see this issue on Windows or macOS so there is a good chance it’s something specific to your browser profile causing the issue.

Can you please tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time and which ones (if you’re willing)? If so, I would recommend disabling them and testing to see if one of them were the cause of the issue. You might even go further and try testing this in a new, fresh browser profile (to ensure there is no data of any kind that could cause this conflict) and see if you get the same behavior.

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Stay focused is the only extension I have installed.

Even after disabling it I’m still not getting any push notif, and obviously making a new profile doesn’t work either :frowning_face:

So stay focused will almost certainly block push notifications from appearing. When you created the new profile, did you still have you other profile window open? If so, you’ll need to test this again with only the one (new) profile open.

Can you also please go to (on your Windows system) Notifications and Actions and ensure that Brave is listed here (and also enabled)?

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Nope, I recently installed Stay focused, and I have been having this problem since September (When I started using Brave).

Weirdly enough, Brave isn’t listed there if I set it as my default browser, unlike Chrome which it is listed If i set it as default browser.
So I guess something went wrong during installation.

That usually happens when you don’t have a shortcut in Start menu. Reinstall and don’t delete said shortcut.

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Is that the only solution? Because I’d love to reinstall but I don’t want to lose my bat :frowning:

You will have the option when uninstalling to delete user data or not — do not delete your user data when you see the option and instead just un/reinstall. When you reinstall you should have all your data in it as you did before.

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Yikes, after reinstall Brave is now listed and enabled on “notifications and actions” (win 8) but notifs still doesn’t work :grimacing:

How are your Windows Focus Assist settings configured? Is it possible that this feature is enabled and is blocking notifications from appearing?

I think Windows 8 doesnt’t have the focus assist feature, the closest is “Quiet Hours” and it is disabled, of course.

Can you test the beahvior using this site? Note that you’ll need to click Authorize first, then Allow, then Show:

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@Mattches I got a notification from your reply! (I had this page open so I wonder if it makes any difference)
And that page works, it sends me push notifs but Twitter keeps showing me this:

Chocoholic had mentioned couple things earlier this year.

So looks like a Github, also one person claimed a little workaround for now. Unsure if might work, but the claim was:

I found a way to make notification working.
1-Turn on your notification in window
2-Allow brave to have Twitter notification.
3- Open a second browser and turn on notification. refresh and go back to Brave browser you should start receiving them

More than anything, I’m kind of curious about that Github link. Issue been active for years now. Talking about

@sampson @clifton I know older Windows might play a part here, but it does surface every once in a while. Any idea on status of the issue? Seems weird to have an ongoing problem since 2018 that isn’t yet figured out at the end of 2022.

This is what you must do to have them work (for a session)

  1. Go to the privacy settings and turn on Enable Google Push Messaging Services → relaunch the browser.
  2. Now you can turn notifications on Twitter, and they will work until you reboot your machine, and/or brave.
  3. Make sure you have a shortcut to brave in the Start menu for Windows to register the app in the notifications list in the settings.
  4. From this point on, in order to receive notifications, you always have to visit a page, which uses Google Push Messaging e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Odysee etc. once in order to unclog the notifications to work. Every single time after boot up!

It’s a 4 years old problem, which they don’t care and not gonna do anything about. So, either use another browser for notifications, or turn the notif. off and manually check said sites for updates.

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