Brave have a notification bug

I have allowed the sites I use to send me notifications (for example youtube) but I do not receive notifications, please resolve

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We’re currently working on fixing this particular issue:

We hope to have this issue resolved soon and appreciate your patience in the process.

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notifications work only if I create a shortcut and keep the application open

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Good to read that you guys are working on a fix.

I’m also having a desktop notification issue: desktop notifications are not working - every site keeps asking over and over to ‘allow’ them (which I do), then asks again. I go to brave://settings/content/notifications (there’s no link in settings to there !?) and confirm that the sites are allowed - or add them manually if they’re not. Still, sites like Yahoo, Google Mail, Calendar, Drive, WhatsApp Web, etc. are all asking to allow desktop notifications even if I already accepted and allowed them multiple times in Brave.


Settings --> Additional --> Privacy/Security --> Site Settings --> Notifications

Note that when you add sites manually, you must add them in the following format (using Community as an example):

Like this?
This is what is already there. Still, sites keep asking for permission to allow desktop notifications.


Thanks for the notification route in Settings.

I’m giving up on Brave and returning to Chrome - too many bugs (bookmarks not synched, desktop notifications not working, downloads interrupted mid-way…). I’ll try again in a few months.

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