Notifications are not working - Windows 8.1 64 bit

I just installed Brave in my computer with Windows 8.1 64 bit. I synchronized all my Chrome settings, but i have a problem with the notifications: I’m not geting any at all. I have Brave notifications enabled in my PC.

I let YouTube show me notifications from the channels that i have the bell activated, but i don’t receiving it.

Brave version:
1.34.81 Chromium: 97.0.4692.99 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

I don’t know if this is about ad notifications, if it is, have you been through the Help Center topics? I’ve posted a few that might help if you haven’t. I’ve also included links to helpful topics posted by other community members.

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Typically a website will ask you whether or not it is allowed to send you notifications. Youtube, for example, will ask you this when you first visit the site. To see if notifications are allowed on the site level, visit the website (for example,, click the “lock” 'icon in the address bar, then Site settings and scroll down until you find Notifications. Ensure that this permission is set to Allow.

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No, it’s not just ad notifications, it is notifications in general.
I have all the notifications settings:
Brave notif allowed in my pc configuration
I did the notif test and it worked
i have youtube and twitch notif allowed in Brave settings
And i’m not receiving any notif at all.

Yeah! I have Youtube and Twitch notifications allowed in the site setting of each one. But nothing. It’s just not working.
The notifications work when I do the push notif test but not when they have to show me a youtube or twitch notification.

Can you tell me if the notifications appear in the Windows Action center?

I found an action center in the control panel but just appear “Security” and “Maintenance”

Digging into this. I’m curious if you’re able to get notifications on your system when using other browsers? For example, if you setup Chrome to display youtube notifications, do they display as intended?

Yeah! In Chrome they worked correctly.

Also i have Brave Community notif allowed and it is fun because when you replied “Can you tell me if the notifications appear in the Windows Action center ?” I received the notification

So notifications are working sometimes then but not all the time?

Nope! just only now i’m getting brave community notif

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