Delay on youtube videos (10-30sec)

Description of the issue:
When I use Youtube on the Brave Browser, I almost always get a 10-30sec delay before the videos starts. It’s very frustrating when listening to music. It’s happens much often when I press on the arrow to go to the next video of a playlist rather than a single video. Everything was alright before the last patch.
It also appear that video (music video) on a playlist doesn’t keep going even when the screen is off. At least since the last patch

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. use SM-G930F + v.1.57.53
  2. Go on youtube, use the browser without add, select a playlist.
  3. Switch music with the arrow

Expected result:
2/3 of the time, you will experience a 10-30sec delay before the video starts
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Additional Information:
Tried on other browser and it worked perfectly.

Force an update of Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.785 (or better) in brave://components then refresh the youtube page.

A new update to counter youtube ads/anti-adblock warning went out.

I don’t know where to look to force this update. Searched everywhere but didn’t found.

click on the update button Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components

Hi! I have exactly the same issue.
I have updated it following your instructions, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Please see the attached.

Can you update brave adblocker updater there has been plenty of changes in the last few days to counter the ads/bait on youtube. Seems okay so far for me.

It is up to date but I still have the same problem.
It looks like it is only happening when I am trying to play the second and the following videos.
It works every time on the first video, played from the YouTube main page, but while I am watching the first video, if I try to play another one from the below recommended ones, I have the issue with the 10-30 seconds delay.
In playlists I have the same issue.
And it seems to be happening only on the mobile version of the browser.

I confirm: it doesn’t happen on PC, only on mobile.

For now, the solution is to refresh the page. When you see only the black screen in the place of the video, just refresh the page. It will play video immediately after the page gets refreshed.

I have discovered this, too. For now, this is what I am doing, but I hope the issue is going to be solved, eventually.

Hi, guys! The issue seems to be gone. :ok_hand:

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