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Hello, doesn’t the brave browser play youtube videos in background anymore? Like continuing to play while switching to other apps. I am pretty sure that was possible a little while ago and before then.

Hello @Karmaindustrie, thank you for letting us know about this. Have you updated to the most recent version? What kind of device and OS do you have? In case you are still seeing ads, please follow the steps listed in this link:


Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy S10 and all the relevant updates (i-os and brave-app) - that’s what it seems to me. I am glad to understand now, that this is not how brave is meant to behave nowadays.

Thank you.
Steffen Mayer

Hello again @Karmaindustrie, this is a known issue but usually following the steps listed in that link it gets resolved. Regards.

What gets resolved? Seeing ads? That’s not my concern

Could you disable background playback in Brave settings and enable it back on ?

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Also go to brave://flags and enable flag called background video playback if thats disabled. Tell us how that goes!

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Thank you, the background playback apparently got disabled by itself and I just had to enable it again. I was to lazy to figure that out by myself.

What the heck was that topic switch towards seing adds. Period


Do mark it as solution. so when anyone else searches for this, they’ll be able to see what solved for you.

Lol, yea. Ik

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Did I right?

I only see the word “Solution” on my own posts. On others posts there is only the checkbox. That doesn’t seem right.

Yes you did it! Thanks.

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