Delay to start youtube video on mobile

My brave browser version

I have the same issue as the below link.

In my case, I tried to fix it like this but failed

  1. enable the ‘desktop site’
  2. play youtube, it works well
  3. disable the ‘desktop site’
  4. play youtube, it works for a while but at last, it doesn’t work

Can you add these rules into brave://adblock custom rules. Then reload youtube @ysoftman

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Thanks for your help, @fanboynz
I think it works now~^^;

You won’t need these any more

@fanboynz, YouTube videos on phone are once again experiencing delays in loading. This issue had been resolved previously after a fix was rolled out. However, it appears that the problem has resurfaced. Currently, the first video plays without any delay, but the videos below it start with the same delay as they did before the previous fix.

Here’s a video for a clearer understanding of the issue:

Maybe this will help;

Give it 24/48hrs to roll out.

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It’s working fine now, thanks! @fanboynz

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