YouTube Ad-Block issues

I’m getting a new issue that I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing. The pop-up doesn’t happen anymore, but in playlists, I try to watch a certain video, but then YouTube just starts skipping all the way to the last video in the playlist, and then starts the next recommended video from the list on the right side of the screen and stays there. The video doesn’t play, it doesn’t show loading signs, I try to click on certain places in the length bar, I try to press play, and while it shows whether the video’s playing or not, it doesn’t do anything. The video length time doesn’t show up and stays on a black screen with no error messages. It’s been like this since October 22 and on Private Windows, I’ve updated Brave to the latest update (Version 1.59.122 Chromium: 118.0.5993.96), and even after disabling ad-blockers, including Shields, except for uBlock Origin YouTube is still doing this. The mobile app still works perfectly fine without this happening, and the same goes for the Brave mobile app even when signed in. Is anyone else getting this issue?

It doesn’t happen unlogged.
Also, Brave supports the same exact as uBlock in Youtube 100%, and Brave uses the same default lists as uBlock, so if you disable Brave adblocker, you will do the exact same thing in uBlock, if the problem is a rule, then it will affect both.

Brave’s adblocker doesn’t support few features from uBlock, but it is not relevant or the case for Youtube.

For example, if you go to My filters in uBlock you can easily create a Scriptlet Injection exception, this is available in Brave’s Nightly and soon in Stable
But just add:
Then you will see how much uBlock does to stop Youtube ads and crap, if it doesn’t happen, when you do this, that means it is a rule that is not working well, you could whitelist Scriptlet injections that way if you use uBlock logger, you will see the rules and you can add them and add the @ between the ## to create the exception.
uBlock is actually in charge of these advanced adblocking features, like Scriptlet Injections or $redirect/$redirect-rule, normal network request adblocking rules are usually handled by Easylist, and they should not affect anything and just be basic rules that are enough in most websites.
I mean, uBlock people are working hard to stop Youtube crap, so if they got this behavior in playlist, they probably fixed it.
You can go to brave://components and update the Brave Ad Block Updater, also Brave Ad Block Resources Library can be important since uBlock might have pushed some update in the scriptlets to improve something, updates don’t happen often for the resources, but happen.

One thing for sure, for now, it is easier to troubleshoot in uBlock than Brave unless you ‘hack’ brave and adapt it to manually do the same as uBlock. Brave actually makes it easy to do that, unlike uBlock, where if you modify something about the extension it will give an error and reset the extension.

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