"Default cryptocurrency wallet" options

In brave://settings/wallet (Brave 1.32.106), the following are the first two choices for “Default cryptocurrency wallet:”

  • Brave Wallet (prefer extensions)
  • Brave Wallet

What is the difference between these?

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  • I assume that “prefer extensions” would mean that if you had metamask installed, then metamask will be used, otherwise Brave Wallet is the fallback.
  • I assume that “Brave Wallet” will ignore installed extensions, such as metamask.

i was just in the process to create a post for the same exact questions :slight_smile:

thanks @tsa could be. time to wait for more comfirmation :slight_smile:

and have a nice day for both of you :slight_smile:

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Hope this clears it

Brave wallet will provide window.ethereum but extensions can override it

Brave wallet will solely provide window.ethereum even if extensions are installed.


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