How do i swap between Metamask and built-in Cryptowallet

Hi, it’s wonderful Brave has integrated a non-custodial wallet. i activated it and will use it. However I still wish to use the Metamask extension on occasion, not the least of which is I have multiple accounts set up in it.
At the moment since I activated built in Cryptowallet, eventhough i have logged out. Brave is popping up a window to request log-in for built-in wallet. I notice some sites such as airswap initiate a pop-up which gives you options which wallet to use.
While I appreciate the need to streamline user interface with crypto so a simple log-in pop-up is preferable. Can we have and advanced wallet setting which triggers a pop-up with options?
or am i missing something?

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You can disable Crypto Wallet in Settings > Extension.

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Oh thanks : )
i hadn’t realised it was an extension

Nah. i have disabled the extension and cleared cookies but entering a Dapp site is still activating the Brave notification pop-up requesting the password of built in wallet


Hi eyemine, any luck with this? I am stuck in the same place, I already tried disabling the wallet, and that just blocks any wallet including metamask.

I both disabled Cryprowallet in preferences and through Preferences/Extensions disabled the extension. I prob cleared cookies and restored browser. Now I can use Metamask again in Brave. However when I check Metamask extension in Preferences/Extensions I see it’s throwing a lot of errors. I dunno if this is a new thing. Also not sure if I have made a transaction since, as I am using a few browsers and mucking about with NFTs

What’s NFTs? What worked for me is using the chrome browser instead of the Brave one :slight_smile: