Quick Question on Brave Wallet Settings

  1. What is the difference in settings in the default cryptocurrency wallet between “Brave Wallet” and "Brave Wallet ( Prefer Extensions)? Why would I use one over the other? What is the default?

Default cryptocurrency wallet - Use this option to set the default wallet the browser will use when interacting with dApps while browsing:

  • Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) - Select this option if you have a Brave Wallet created, but want sites to default to using a different wallet extension, such as MetaMask for dApps.

  • Brave Wallet - Select this option if you want dApps to use your created Brave Wallet.

  • Crypto Wallets (deprecated) - Select this option if you elected to use the old Crypto wallets setup rather than the new Brave Wallet implementation. Depending on your installation, you may not see this option.

  • None - Select this option if you do not want sites/dApps to interact with any installed or created wallets.
    Source: How do I manage crypto assets in Brave Wallet?

Hope this helps!

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