Why isn't there option for Brave Wallet?

Hi, I’m very disappointed with this matter.
When I’m minting a NFT at a website and click the connect button, they ALWAYS ask to connect with Metamask or other wallets. No option for Brave Wallet…
It was very comfortable using Brave Browser and Wallet before this matter came up.
I am never using Brave now.

@boya you mean because websites don’t explicitly list Brave Wallet, you’re going to blame Brave? Btw, if you click on Metamask option it will put it to Brave Wallet, so long as you have Brave Wallet as your default.

That’s assuming I’m thinking about what you’re saying correctly. If you mean some other notice, then please give a screenshot and share more details.

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Hi Saoiray.

I’m not blaming Brave, I’m so mad at websites that don’t have option for brave wallet.
The sentence “I’m not using Brave” means I’m not using it to mint.

Some websites like Opensea does put Brave Wallet when I click on Metamask option, but some don’t. They ask to connect with Metamask browser even if I am connected with Brave Wallet.

I guess this matter is because of the poor websites they don’t have Brave Wallet for connecting option.

@boya just so you know, before I replied to you earlier I reached out to some at Brave and the BAT Brigade. They have a lot of knowledge on things. One of the things they did make clear and I’m not sure if I phrased properly, is that although it doesn’t list Brave Wallet on a lot of sites, it still would go to Wallet.

Where I have seen this in action before was when the Wallet team was providing methods on how to add assets to Brave Wallet. One of the options available was to go to coinmarketcap and look up the cryptocurrency you wanted. Then there would be the Add To Metamask button. When clicking that, it would actually add it to Brave Wallet instead. It only would go to MetaMask if you had the extension and the browser is set to prefer extensions.

It’s kind of like how a lot of websites will not list Brave as a supported browser, despite the idea Brave will work on it. They just don’t always explicitly list everything. But if you prefer to hear that from someone at Brave directly, I’ll tag @hub and @jleonard here and hope maybe they can visit the topic later to confirm what I’m saying or so they can bring more clarification.

I figured it out.
I uninstalled metamask extension and installed it again, and typed in recovery phrase with Brave Wallet Recovery Phrase.
Sorry for my poor English, I hope youd understand what I’m saying.

Now I figured it out, I’m gonna use Brave browser and wallet because it is so easy to use for me!

Thank you so much for helping me out Saoiray!


Can you mention the websites that do not explicitly list Brave Wallet? We can follow up with them.


Thank you guys for getting back to me.
I set my default wallet to Brave Wallet from the settings(Web3 → Default Eth Wallet) and click on connect with Metamask solved the problem.

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@boya good to hear. Though if you can list the sites, the team was saying they can try to reach out to them to get them to list Brave, which obviously may help lessen confusion for others. Up to you if you’re willing to share.

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