Loosing BAT rewards

Twice now, Brave rewards are not restored properly via Acronis backup/restore.
A few months ago, lost 1,000 BAT points.
Then today, worse than before: back to zero.
Next month “pay” date is intact though.

Windows 10 pro.


Same here but not as many…
I wish they never started this (I bet they do too) :slight_smile:
Whoops… just looked again and they are back, saying Feb 5 will be paid.
I won’t hold my breath on that but at least it seems to be counting again.

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The browser is super and the BAT thing is a complimentary asset that distinguishes it from others.
If support doesn’t intervene here, will go to Twitter.
If all fails… then goodbye Brave.
After all, if Brave can’t be good at this basic level, why would anyone risk taking it to the next level?

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Cause it’s a good browser and the privacy is good as well


Me too… every payday they will update and let those rewards vanished. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Have disabled ads now.

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Installed Presearch - will see how that goes.

Just second every word you wrote here :slight_smile:

Try disabling auto-contribute

Found more recent backup and restoring gave back most of the previous BAT.

Will continue using it along with Presearch for now.

A glitch to fix Brave team!

Payday came in as promised.

Thank you Brave.

p.s. still need to fix a backup/restore situation.

Another month another missed payment. plus the lack of ads is a huge tell. Brave browser team does not take this serious. 25 ad this month lol. on one pc 25 flipping ads. what a joke. and its always the same ones. I want to like brave I really do but this place seems to be run by noobs. At first I thought uphold was the issue. But they sorted out their end. No excuse brave team. No excuse.

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