Dark mode beta feedback

UI in dark mode does not render some elements correctly.

Issue 1 - google docs: the doc background is black and text is black making it unreadable.
reproduce by opening gdocs in a dark mode brave browser. I expect to be able to read the gdoc text.

Issue 2 - in multiple sites, radio button selection are not differeniated from unselected buttons. You cannot tell which is selected and which is not. I expect to be able to tell the difference.

That feature comes from Chromium.
The only way to ‘improve it’ is to test other options, you go to brave://flags and find Dark web and you can change from Enable to anything else.
In my experience simple CIELAB-based inversion is the better one, which works exactly like Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements. Then simple HSL-based inversion is the second one, but I don’t like how it does some colors, CIELAB is closer to what native dark mode in pages do.
This is actually a problem with developers, they could easily check and make sure their websites work with the auto dark mode, but they don’t, Google gave them an easy to make dark mode and they still don’t take advantage of it.

Enable’s problem, and pretty much the other modes is they will invert too many images and graphics, CIELAB doesn’t do that and HSL doesn’t in my quick tests either (might run it to make sure about it. So you can try that and hope for the best, there is a way to fix problems with the adblocker by using :style() rule which will inject CSS properties to any CSS selector or pseudoclass you choose to use, so it can be used to turn it off completely in pages or individual elements or change their settings to be compatible with Auto dark mode.

It is better if you just give the link of the pages where you are having trouble. I am kind of building a list fixing these problems, I use CIELAB though, not ‘default’ Enable, but I can still give you a rule to fix it and then keep expanding my personal Dark Mode fixes list.

Also, HSL while works okayish, it doesn’t the dark mode with colors that are not fully dark, but it works, it doesn’t invert anything more obvious like logos or something.

Chromium’s dark mode good thing is it respects native dark mode for websites, it doesn’t override them like an extension does. So you can easily test the dark modes like going to Twitch and then turning the dark mode on and off, and Brave search and all those places where you can easily toggle it.
So you will see CIELAB is the better one, at least it does the job better at ‘dark mode’ without inverting too many stuff that is unnecessary, so it is easier to fix.

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