Darkmode feedback

I recently turned on the brave flag Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents. I have it on enable. I really like the feature but sometimes it could be better. I am taking a math class and once it made the axis on a graph disappear which stumped me for a few minutes, but I figured it out. Sometimes contrast between things is a little low making it hard to read some text, but on the vast majority of websites it works well. I have a hunch that some of these things could be fixed by changing the way that I have this feature enabled because there are 8 different ways to enable it, I just don’t know what the do. Overall i like the feature but there are some problems that could potentially be fixed by enabling it with different settings, or re-coding.

This is a chromium feature, not Brave, so any change here would be on Chromium side and it is done automatically based on colors and there is not much to do, that’s why some websites don’t work well with it.

If you want to try Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion seems to be the better one or Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements which in my tests were the same. Not perfect but better than default.
You don’t know what they do, you just test them one by one and see which one works better for you and overall.

But, what Brave needs to add is as exclusion at runtime like Opera does, that would fix most issues.
The cool thing about this compared to extensions is this is native and is faster and is turned off when a dark theme is detected.

if anything, you could use Adblock to change elements in the page to work better with the dark mode. you use a css selector and then :style() and modify any css property there.

for example

example.com##.graphbackround:style(background: #FFF !important;)

That rule pretty much will select any element with the attribute [class=“graphbackround”] from the example.com website and then apply a white background. it can replace and add the css property, !important is needed if it is going to be replaced.
So you can do pretty much anything with it, one of the my favorite and most used adblock features for sure.

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