Custom Notifications

Dear Community,

For a long time, we have heard that some Brave Rewards users have had trouble receiving system notifications, and therefore are unable to earn BAT with the notification type of Brave Ads. In an effort to address this, in the latest release (version 1.30), we rolled out the ability for the browser to fallback on “custom notifications”, so that Brave notification ads were accessible to everybody. Unfortunately, there were a few problems with this. First, some users who had opted into Brave Ads long ago were suddenly now seeing notifications, and were confused by their sudden appearance. Second, we only intended these “custom notifications” to go to users for whom system notifications (which we also call “native notifications”) do not work, but due to a bug in the way Brave was sensing disabled notifications, this change went out wider than we intended. Finally, we have also found a bug where these new custom notifications can appear over full screen applications, in situations with multiple monitors, which was not the intended behavior. Due to Community feedback over the past several days we are rolling back our custom ads notifications as we continue to develop the system. With additional community feedback, we hope to advance this feature again soon, so that all users who opt in to Brave Ads can earn from notification ads. Thank you for your help and patience.

Thank you,
Brave Team