Not receiving ad notifications (Android Custom ROM - Pixel Experience)

Hi - I am using a rooted Xiaomi MiA3 (laurel_sprout) with Pixel Experience Custom ROM. I installed the ROM two days ago and till date have not received a single ad from Brave Rewards - the Brave Wallet was created and I was able to see the first notification.

I have Magisk installed and SafetyNet cleared. I have also checked settings to opt-in to Brave ads even when the browser is closed. What seems to be the problem here? If Brave doesn’t support custom ROMs then it would be very disappointing.

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Well, i’m sorry to say that maybe it’s your ROM. Is commonly known that some root devices don’t pass the security checks and they display the message “This device is not allowed to receive ads” or something like that, i really don’t remember the exact phrase. The same happens with some custom ROMs, so maybe this is a variant of those issues.

The thing that i seem quite odd is that you said you receive an ad on the begining, so (if your ROM is not cousing conflict with something) i have to ask:

Are you a new user?

Ads are shown due to the active campaings in your region, the number of advertisers and your searching behavior. So it’s not a 100% you will receive ads all the time, for example, i haven’t receive an ad in my mobile since monday.

Now i have to mention that right now there is a situation with some regions like india, where they haven’t received ads since the last payout.

In resume, don’t get upset to quickly, maybe it’s just matter of time to get ads again

No, I am not a new user. I recently flashed my phone and since then stopped getting ads. I am getting ads on my desktop just fine. I was also getting ads on stock OS just fine.

When I talk about the first ‘ad’ - I am referring to the first notification that comes when you enable brave rewards.

Is there some way to confirm if the ROM is causing the issue? I can try multiple roms till I get something that works. I don’t want to use stock OS.

Also I find it a bit ridiculous when I am able to operate my banking aps just fine that brave rewards stops working on the ground of ‘security’.

No you will now get ads there’s an issue brave android ads in india which is now solved I was not getting ads but today i am getting ads

My another phone Mi Max Prime is ROOTED + Magisk Installed + Safety Check PASS + running on Evolution X Rom.

Just rooted yesterday and started seeing ads today.

Make sure you have “Show Ads when Brave is not in use” option enabled.

Settings > Scroll down - Brave Rewards > Enable that option.

Also disable Battery Optimization for Brave Browser from app permissions. Also If Auto Start option is available in app permissions then enable it for Brave Browser.


Hi Guys - Thanks for the replies. I started seeing notifications two hours ago. I think it was just a temporary issue. I had not seen notifications for two days but it’s working now.


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