Custom Ad-Block Filter List doesn't block sites


As u can see, i have custom adblock list added to the Brave Shields, but none of these sites are blocked by Brave Shields. In Chrome browser, after adding it to uBlock Origin, it works fine.
It is just a problem with that list? How i can solve it? I think using two ad blockers are not necessary.

How is it tested? Which list is being used?

I just enter a link with .txt extension and try to load website from their list and Brave are not blocking it. When installing uBlock Origin and adding this list, websites are blocked correctly

How do you test it, how do you know its not working? sample link?

I just tell you in my last answer

Why do you think, only because you are loading a filter list it should work?
You have to understand how there are several syntaxes for adblocking, and Brave strictly uses uBlock ones, because Brave uses uBlock filter lists and resources, and follow their development closely to add features uBlock adds.
Brave doesn’t do it with Adguard or ABP or any other adblocker.

So, you have to either find a list that is compatible, or at least give a link to see why it is not compatible.

There are still some features that are not supported by Brave adblocker, like $all

The problem is you were asked for both, the list and a link where it doesn’t work, and you didn’t provide either, so that’s why you can’t get a real answer by anyone, especially fanboynz, who is the one in charge of adblocker lists.

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