Question about brave adblock

  1. Why brave browser doesn’t uses ublock filter-mobile.txt , annoyances-cookies.txt , quick-fixes.txt

  2. Does brave browser also follow ublock origin badlists? The one which has lists of filters that creat issue in ubo. I had tried to add abp anti circumvation on ubo it didn’t uses any of its rules. does brave browser also does that?

  3. Does brave block access to lan is same as brave local host access

  4. Does brave browser supports all built-in ubo’s additional filters like adguard one. There is support for fanboy annoyance but for adguard’s all filter? Ubo style ones


Asking this because Adguard works better in my region
And i tried to do adblocking test on brave browser using adguard filters as custom filters it worked great for me but ubo with fanboy+ubo annoyance works but a bit less

For example on

Fanboy annoyance from regional list blocks Statics ad this website tells
For being more specific I tried with ubo easylist annoyance (fanboy annoyance)
It shows that fanboy social blocks that and every other filter works fine

Here is without fanboy annoyance+ brave aggressive mode that one was also with aggressive mode

Idk why but

This website only gives 96points with extention ubo, adguard 100% and I tried with a different browser soul browser it gave 100% on that browser they just provide adblock plus and adguard native filters idk if they works great or not but they gets 100%

On some website like I see ads popup ads and redirect

  1. Does you guys planned on adding adguard’s ubo filter or adguard native filters in brave browser? Is it on your road list or planned list?

Just like ubo on please add supports for adguard’s too

And on this website

Fanboy annoyance works but a bit less good

That social website first get half hidden then full hidden and everytime website refreshes it happens whenever on other normal piracy movie website which uses this type of social widget it happens there so so if I go back and forward it happens like this
With adguard social it doesn’t do it that it just hidden like this

Also more testing on that website I found this adguard base filter hides direct link ads

And i first enter any part of website or any website it fanboys’s annoyance doesn’t seen to block adblock detection after refreshing some times it blocks adblock detection but mostly it didn’t and when using adguard’s it work great no matter if I first load that pages refresh anything it works

Please help me

Why fanboys’s enhanced tracking list isn’t being updated also fanboy Facebook fanboy anti font fanboys Indian list is not being updated and somethimes when I open that lists it shows updated mostly not

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