Confused about adblock feature

Hi, I recently tried to migrate to Brave but I am a bit confused about the adblocking shield.
Either it doesn’t seem to work properly in Brave or I am missing something trivial.

Up until now I used Edge with uBlock origin where I selected several filters and they worked fine across all the websites. Most important of them being “CZE, SVK: EasyList Czech and Slovak” to block ads on Czech websites.

I did find the same adblock list in Brave as well (or at least with the same name) but it is not as efficient as uBlock’s.
There is one particular website that shows all ads despite having the correct filter active.
I even selected aggressive blocking of trackers and ads but it didn’t help either.

How can I get the same result from the adblocker on Brave as on my former browser?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!

What is the website? Then we can try on our end and see if we see the same issues

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The website is

In the end I managed to block the ads by comparing what filters uBlock Origin had active on Edge and adding them one by one until I found the correct one - it was AdGuard Base.

So in addition to the built in CZ, SK filter list I had to add one more custom list.

Somehow I just thought that Brave did this “out of the box”.

For some reason there are a bunch of websites from Eastern Europe, like Czech websites, that are covered by RU AdList and not by the Czech/Slovak Easylist.

Didn’t know that.
I will try to enable RU and see if I can get rid of the custom filter.


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