Brave does not apply enabled built-in rules

I noticed today that despite having AdGuard enabled (built-in list) it did not apply all the rules included in the filterlist. Everything is up to date (2024-01-17 @ 5:37 PM).
Current workaround: install uBlock Origin and enabled AdGuard in it.

There would be plenty of rules that we share between the lists (adguard and Brave), Brave uses uBO list by default.

Brave includes by default lists that it does not support? It makes zero sense.

Erm, we use uBO lists as part of Shields. Adguard isn’t needed for us. Not sure how this makes “zero sense”.

Hey, just out of curiosity, which one are you referencing? Are you speaking about the content filters listed under Content Filtering, such as below:


Otherwise, AdGuard isn’t part of what Brave does. The native filters used by Brave are essentially what you see below:


If you enable Fanboy's Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances then it becomes:


  1. Brave is shipped with default lists: users do not need to manually add them
  2. Users can enable any of these lists: again, without having to manually add them first
  3. The enabled lists are not fully supported by Brave adblock engine: and users won’t know it because contrary to other browsers/extensions Brave does not mention it anywhere.
    This is super dumb - and I’ve seen a lot of dumb stuff in 20 years.

Speaking of “making zero sense” it makes zero sense to me to use a browser that blocks ads and tracking only to add an extension that does the same thing. Chances are it will do nothing and in the worst case scenario “break” some sites.

I too wish I did not need to use an extension on top of the built-in function, but unfortunately they decided to include stuff the browser does not support.
As to breaking some sites, so far it only happened with the native fingerprinting protection.

Who is “they” and what stuff are you referring to?

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