Ad block not working across multiple sites

Youtube and Finviz are showing ads even with my ad blocked turned on to aggressive.


Using Brave 1.52.130

go to brave://components/ and check Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: to see if your lists are being downloaded.
You can also check if the default lists were downloaded because they should be in %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\iodkpdagapdfkphljnddpjlldadblomo\ in a folder like 1.0.369\list.txt

If you don’t then, you are blocking Brave servers somehow, and I don’t know the fix, but the easiest workaround would be to load all default lists as custom lists then in that case to get the adblock rules
Sometimes I run my lists as custom lists, so nothing bad of doing that, just some lists need to be manually updated if not they will only get updated after 7 days.

Adblocker only works if there are rules, if nothing is being done = no rules are preset that are going to be applied to websites and network requests. so either, the websites doesn’t have any rule set up which you have to properly report so they get added, or the lists aren’t working, of course, Youtube being one website having troubles, that’s why it might be that the lists aren’t being downloaded as they should.

If you built Brave from source, that will be the issue though, because those builds don’t have Brave keys to download the lists from Brave servers… That’s like the only time I know people will not get the default lists, but I have seen some people getting errors about downloading the lists so it could be anything, your network, ISP, folder permissions etc etc.

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So after a few hours it just all started working again. I have no idea what happened or how it fixed, but thank you for your reply. If it happens again I’ll refer back to it.

well, there were two updates to the lists, I said 369, but now it is at 371, so maybe for some reasons the lists weren’t downloaded properly and they got updated and got properly downloaded.
You can easily check it by going to the path in the user data if it happens again, you can delete the whole folder iodkpdagapdfkphljnddpjlldadblomo restart Brave and they should download, if not there would throw an error which means something about your network or something not allowing to connect to Brave servers or OS not allowing the folder to be written or the Disk failing or something more severe.

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