Cusomize your search?

can you choose your trusted sources and have those take precedence in your searches? For example If I search 3.5 Trillion Spending Bill, I’m not interested NYT or NPR propaganda, I’m interested in reality. No 3.5 T thousand page legislative bill can possibly represent the people, we all know that. On fubotv and even on youtube tv you can star your favorite channels so they rise to the top of your guide. I’d like to do this with Brave (which I very much like so far and at this point in time). i.e. next to each source in a Brave search, there should be a star and, after I scroll down a page or two past npr, pbs, yahoonews, politico, etc…, if there were a star I could click next to WSJ, Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, John Solomon, Bongino Report etc…, I would and avoid the BS. Let’s get on this or if it is already available, please enlighten me.

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