Why does Brave search supress conservative News Sources?

If I type News Sources into Brave Search or Inflation and Gold. All I get are the regurgitated Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, Financial times etc…Propaganda. Why if I type in News Sources into search Brietbart.com isn’t an option? I’m not asking that all sources not be available but Brave Search is just spitting out the exact same crap you get from Google and Bing.

The following is a search engine that you can use that uses Google but has a tab at the top that allows you to see the results as if it were an uncensored. " All Results" “Censored Results”

It has a Firefox addon.


I am convinced that Brave is censoring conservative articles. just tested my theory again, less than an hour ago.
I searched for a specific incident that occurred in the most recent Trump trial.
FIVE PAGES of only leftist media! NINE PAGES before I found a link to the information I was researching.
I began using Brave several years ago when Google began to moderately censor content and I find myself using search engines from outside of the US, where they don’t play footsie with the Progressive lunatics and the Biden crime family. I’ll be spending the rest of this evening searching for a new browser and search engine.
It’s a ridiculous that Americans can no longer trust a simple search engine because companies employ blue haired, gender confused, lunatics.

@Cindy_Truth_Seeker and @paulcalvin the issue is you and others not using tools properly. You can change how you phrase things or you can use things like Goggles by Brave in order to rerank results.

It also is important for you to remember how everything works. Brave discovers websites through the Web Discovery Project, meaning it compiles websites based on what content users who participate in Web Discovery Project are visiting. In comparison, Google and others have tools that randomly jumps from site to site itself.

It has been explained how this works many times. Please go read through things like the replies below:

Nice try, but I have an extensive resume in data research. I attempted multiple variations that resulted in a minimum of 5 pages of mainstream sources that consisted of Trump bashing copy/paste rhetoric that they all share on a daily basis.
It’s absolutely hilarious that Community has a long list of CLOSED threads, dating back years, with users who note your censorship and you continue to deny it.
Not at all surprising, considering every source that participates in censorship, denies participation in censorship.
I’m off the share my findings and encourage all conservatives to leave, so you can support your leftard crybaby freaks and terrorist supporters.